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- Storia wine is a young, dedicated &  dynamic wine importer with a solid foundation in the wine industry. We offer our producers the best possible partnership on the Swedish market and always work to make their job a little easier.

- Our vision is to always think in other ways, to be creative and exciting. Also to be a bit different than our colleagues in the industry. Our ambition is that this will make us a more attractive partner for others that

like to think a little bit differently… 

- The story behind Storia Wine goes way back. 25 years back to be more precise. We are completely owned by Terreno, a Swedish family vineyard in Tuscany, Chianti Classico to be exact. This gives us a unique understanding for the challenges that small and midsized producers encounter on our market.​​


​​Well, as the name implies (Storia means history in Italian) there is a good story to the name... To begin with - we used to be named Gloria Wine - Gloria is (or actually, was) a pig – a very gentle and kind pig, who was part of the team during the founding of the company and hence was the inspiration for the name. Unfortunately after a knee biting incident (and some other rough-housing) she ended up on the barbeque – we are told she was very tasty! Sadly, shortly after her demise some industry colleagues felt the had the right to the name, and instead of spending our time discussing it, we changed our name. And so, the rest is history! 


The prop in our logo is actually a sort of homage to our parent company and its long service on the seven seas, where they have been shipping goods back and forth for many years and as such been able to embark on this venture – not a bad reason… Did you know that a banana boat carries 30 million bananas?

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